1. JIT Assembly Line
2. Single Piece Flow Manufacturing System
3. Employee Involvement at all levels
4. Flexible Production Planning System
5. Un-paralleled Customer Service
6. Good Business Practices and Good Manufacturing Practices at all Levels
7. Complete Transparency with our customers


We maintain Competitiveness with the following steps

• Procurement of Raw Materials from the most cost effective sources
• Keeping the Least Inventory
• Adoption of the best process to increase Productivity to the optimum level
• Adoption of the latest Techniques
• Value Engineering as a Continuous Process
• Keeping the Overheads to the Essentials with Minimum level
• Best utilization of Machinery, Man Power, Space, Power, etc., to gain the maximum efficiency
• Best Quality product with competitive price
• 100% acceptance with customers (Zero defects)

All the products manufactured cater to the specific requirements of the clients. We manufacture products according to the International Standards. Our performance and commitment are the key for our success.

We make sure that people's roles are clear and that they are held accountable for their actions and believe in absolute Honesty and Transparency in our dealings with our Clients and Business associates.